How to choose a high-quality oximeter?

The main measurement indicators of the oximeter are pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and perfusion index ( PI). Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2 for short) is one of the important basic data in clinical medicine.


At the moment when the epidemic is raging, many brands of pulse oximeters have been looted, and oximeters of different quality levels have flooded into the market at the same time, making it impossible for users to distinguish between good and bad oximeters, but oximeters are used as a clinical diagnosis method for Covid-19 pneumonia. One of them plays an important role. Therefore, choosing a high-quality oximeter is responsible for your own life and health, and is also responsible for the life and health of your family.


Weak perfusion performance is an important indicator to measure the test performance of the oximeter. Such as critically ill premature infants, patients with poor blood circulation or patients with weak blood circulation (such as the elderly, high blood pressure, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes), deeply anesthetized animals, people with dark skin (such as blacks), high altitude cold environment, People with cold hands and feet, special detection parts (such as ears, forehead), children and other usage scenarios are often accompanied by weak blood perfusion performance. When the body’s blood signal fluctuates and breathing is difficult, it is impossible to quickly capture blood oxygen drop events and blood oxygen rise events, and it is impossible to accurately monitor the changes in human blood oxygen and give scientific and rigorous diagnosis results. The blood oxygen measurement of Narigmed can still ensure the accuracy of blood oxygen and pulse rate measurement under the ultra-low weak perfusion of weak perfusion PI = 0.025 % .


The anti-exercise performance is an important index to evaluate the anti-interference performance of the oximeter. In the face of Parkinson’s syndrome patients, children, and patients’ involuntary arm movements and scratching their ears and cheeks when they are in a state of irritability, traditional oximeters will cause inaccurate values, probe falling off, large numerical deviations, and inaccurate measurements. Narigmed has been committed to providing more accurate pulse oximetry for more people, focusing on algorithm research on anti-exercise performance, with independent intellectual property rights, based on clinical research, can achieve fixed and random movements at a certain frequency. It can still maintain the accuracy of blood oxygen and pulse rate measurement, which is comparable to the level of large international companies.


The above two performance indicators can be measured and verified by the blood oxygen simulator FLUKE Index2 . As shown in the figure below, the weak perfusion PI of FLUKE Index2 is set to 0.025 %, and the blood oxygen measurement of Narigmed ‘s oximeter The accuracy is ±2%, and the pulse rate measurement is accurate to ±2bpm.

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Post time: Dec-10-2022