We are always moving forward. Working hard to study technical algorithms.

The first finger-clip pulse oximeter with high performance, 0.025% low perfusion and advanced anti-motion performance is born. It is suitable for people weighing more than 1 kg, suitable for children and adults.

The blood oxygen algorithm technology is optimized, the respiratory rate algorithm is added, and 4 parameters can be displayed simultaneously on the finger-clip pulse oximeter, which can simultaneously display SPO2PRPIRR, ranking first in the country.

Obtained product registration certificates from CE (MDR)、FDA、NMPA, and ISO:13485 medical device quality management system certificate.

Cooperated with Yuwell Group and Jumper to complete the delivery of finger-clip pulse oximeters with a monthly supply of over 100,000 units.
The first inflatable non-invasive blood pressure monitoring algorithm was born. Intelligent inflation measurement technology only takes 20-25 seconds to complete the test, far exceeding the industry average of 40 seconds. During the pressurization process, the target pressure is intelligently adjusted according to the blood pressure of the subject, reducing the inflation time and improving measurement efficiency.

The first smart wearable medical product has been developed and can be used on ears and finger rings to achieve sensorless wearable measurement of blood oxygen, breathing, sleep, heart rate, body temperature and other parameters.

Expanded more than 1,000 square meters to establish a production and manufacturing center, and established a cooperation center with Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College.
Added new veterinary medical product line.
Cooperated with unique probe,  professional monitoring system, and special designed algorithm which pointed to animal physiological trait, Narigmed’s products can automatically suitable for kinds of animals, performance high-accuracy measurments even if at ultra-low perfusion tissues.