Caring For Mental Health

Caring For Mental Health

Narigmed's algorithm technology is unique and can accurately measure blood oxygen, pulse rate and respiratory rate signals, allowing psychiatrists to monitor patients' physiological parameters to provide accurate data support for the diagnosis of mental illness. Narigmed's patented technology can effectively deal with weak signals and motion interference, greatly improving the accuracy and reliability of data collection and analysis.

Nopc-01 Silicone Wrap SPO2 Sensor With Inner Module Lemo Connector

Narigmed’s blood oxygen accessories with built-in blood oxygen module are suitable for measurement in various environments...

Nopd-01 Silicone Wrap Spo2 Sensor With Inner Module, Usb Connector

Narigmed’s blood oxygen accessories have a built-in blood oxygen module, which can be directly connected to a variety of medical equipment such as ventilators...