Medical Accessories

  • narigmed NOPC-01 silicone wrap spo2 sensor with lemo connector

    narigmed NOPC-01 silicone wrap spo2 sensor with lemo connector

    The integrated probe containing the blood oxygen measurement module can be quickly integrated with oxygen concentrators and ventilators to achieve the measurement of blood oxygen, pulse rate, respiration rate, and perfusion index. It can be used in homes, hospitals, and Sleep monitoring use.

    Narigmed’s blood oxygen technology can be used in a variety of situations and on people of all skin tones, and is used by doctors to measure blood oxygen, pulse rate, respiratory rate and perfusion index. Specially optimized and improved for anti-motion and low perfusion performance. For example, under random or regular movement of 0-4Hz, 0-3cm, the accuracy of pulse oximeter saturation (SpO2) is ±3%, and the measurement accuracy of pulse rate is ±4bpm. When the hypoperfusion index is greater than or equal to 0.025%, the pulse oximetry (SpO2) accuracy is ±2%, and the pulse rate measurement accuracy is ±2bpm.

  • Nosn-04 Reusable Neonatal Spo2 Sensor Matched With Bedside Patient Monitor

    Nosn-04 Reusable Neonatal Spo2 Sensor Matched With Bedside Patient Monitor

    Narigmed® NOSN-04 Reusable neonatal spo2 sensor matched with bedside patient monitor

    Introducing our innovative blood oxygen probe designed specifically for newborns. This important medical device is essential for monitoring your baby’s blood oxygen levels to ensure their health and well-being. With advanced technology and user-friendly design, our blood oxygen probes provide accurate and reliable results, giving parents and healthcare professionals peace of mind.

  • Nopc-01 Silicone Wrap SPO2 Sensor With Inner Module Lemo Connector 

    Nopc-01 Silicone Wrap SPO2 Sensor With Inner Module Lemo Connector 

    Narigmed’s blood oxygen accessories with built-in blood oxygen module are suitable for measurement in various environments, such as high altitude areas, outdoors, hospitals, homes, sports, winter, etc. It can be adapted to a variety of equipment such as ventilators, monitors, oxygen concentrators, etc. Without changing the design of the equipment itself, the blood oxygen monitoring function can be accessed through software changes, which facilitates compatible design and has low cost of modification and upgrade.

  • Nopd-01 Silicone Wrap Spo2 Sensor With Inner Module, Usb Connector 

    Nopd-01 Silicone Wrap Spo2 Sensor With Inner Module, Usb Connector 

    Narigmed’s blood oxygen accessories have a built-in blood oxygen module, which can be directly connected to a variety of medical equipment such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, monitors, and computer terminals. It can be connected to blood through software changes without changing the design of the device itself. Oxygen monitoring function, compatible design, convenient modification, simple modification and low cost.